Friday, July 31, 2009

Cupcakes in hamburg

My sister is coming to hamburg next week for the wedding. She already has a to-do list like: try cupcakes, macarons, try curry wurst, shopping, shopping, shopping.
So, the oder day I went to this cute little shop to try the cupcakes, and I can just say they are delicious. There are so many variations: you can have chocolate brownie fudge, corn bread, smarties, sugar boms, etc. They are definetely good for the soul.

You can visit their website


Anonymous said...

Mmmh... Looks delicious :-)

Princess said...

que ricoooo!! ya quiero probarlos, y también los macaroons, no te olvidés de ir a la tienda esta semana jojojo
ich liebe dei.. ?? asi?

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