Thursday, November 12, 2009

Doodle of the day

Hi. This week, I tried to paint some flowers on polymer clay using acrylic colors. It didn’t was that good. Here the result. I think, next time I will first try to paint on normal paper and get some practice, before trying again.


Also, I attended today a crochet necklace course at the hobby store. It took me like two and half hours, and the necklace isn’t finished, but it looks like:


Sorry for the picture. You can’t appreciate  the colors. The beads are in purple, pink and transparent.  I look forward to the weekend, where I can work on my handmade polymer clay figurines or finish my necklace.  What are your plans?

Sunday, November 08, 2009

Pupusas Day

El Salvador celebrates today the “Pupusas Day”.  Pupusas are made of corn flour dough and filled with pork, cheese, fried beans, squash. There are so many filling combinations .

Inspired by this day, I created a little figurine using polymer clay. Here you can see the design:


And the result:


From behind:


Thanks to “GentlemanBunny” for publishing  nice polymer clay  tutorials, they are inspiring.  I used Fimo soft and acrylic to paint the details, and took me like 2 and half hours to make it   :-S

Wish you a nice day and don’t forget to eat today your favorite pupusas!

Saturday, November 07, 2009

First crochet necklace

Reading some blogs I found necklaces can be also made using crochet.  I just needed wire or yarn and beads.  So , I ran to the next hobby store and bought some beads in blue and brown to start working on my first crochet necklace.

First,  was thread all the beads on the yarn.



Then, I started crocheting single stitches and sliding the beads in the stitches.

Here is the completed necklace


In the middle there is a light blue heart as bead


And, to complete the set, I also made matching earrings.


Wish you a nice weekend. I will finish some crochet projects and perhaps work with polymer clay.

By the way, tomorrow is the “Day of the Pupusas”, celebrated the second sunday of november in El Salvador.  I just love pupusas revueltas (pork, beans and cheese).  Which are your favorite pupusas?

Monday, November 02, 2009

Another pendant

I wanted to make a ring using FIMO. So,  last week I bought a book about how to make jewelry using polymer clay.  The final result was not as expected and Mr. T suggested I should use it as a pendant.

Here is the photo of the formerly ring and now  pendant


The rest of the material was used to make a  matching ring (ok, still not decided).


Have a nice evening.

Sunday, November 01, 2009

Saturday, culture time

We went this saturday to the celebration “day of the death”, organized by the mexican community in Hamburg. The tradition includes building private altars for the friends and relatives who have died.  In the picture below, you can see all the details of the altar : the favorite food and beverages are prepared for them, photos and sugar skulls.


There were also mariachis, tacos and tequila.


It was such a nice evening.

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