Thursday, November 12, 2009

Doodle of the day

Hi. This week, I tried to paint some flowers on polymer clay using acrylic colors. It didn’t was that good. Here the result. I think, next time I will first try to paint on normal paper and get some practice, before trying again.


Also, I attended today a crochet necklace course at the hobby store. It took me like two and half hours, and the necklace isn’t finished, but it looks like:


Sorry for the picture. You can’t appreciate  the colors. The beads are in purple, pink and transparent.  I look forward to the weekend, where I can work on my handmade polymer clay figurines or finish my necklace.  What are your plans?


Princess said...

ve que bonito collar!! yo no soy buena para el crochet XDD.. yo tengo planeado irme de parranda XDD. ah si el domingo hay un garage sale ejejeje!! bueno tengo que resumir unos folletos y talvez haga un diseño para una blusa, ya tengo la idea :) saludos

yoli said...

muy lindo!

TALAZ said...

@yoli: Gracias

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