Sunday, November 08, 2009

Pupusas Day

El Salvador celebrates today the “Pupusas Day”.  Pupusas are made of corn flour dough and filled with pork, cheese, fried beans, squash. There are so many filling combinations .

Inspired by this day, I created a little figurine using polymer clay. Here you can see the design:


And the result:


From behind:


Thanks to “GentlemanBunny” for publishing  nice polymer clay  tutorials, they are inspiring.  I used Fimo soft and acrylic to paint the details, and took me like 2 and half hours to make it   :-S

Wish you a nice day and don’t forget to eat today your favorite pupusas!


Princess said...

aay que divis te quedó *__*
feliz día de la pupusa!! ah si al final como que la suspendieron por las inundaciones vea.. yo igual fui a comer donde luisa, bien ricas!! me comi 4 XD


TALAZ said...

Gracias. Si, que triste lo de las inundaciones en el pais.

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